Valves Joints & Gauges

Producing sustainable solutions and developing integrated systems is our specialty. We are the lifeline for buildings with our pumps that are used for hot and cold circulation and ventilation systems. We have a selection of products that meet the demands of changing conditions and regulations. We provide maximum energy efficiency while considering nature and economy.

Single-Sphere Flexible Rubber Joint with Floating Flanges
Features Achievements Having been used in more than 20 countries for over 30 years, GALA brand products proudly demostrate their popularity.
Reliability Unparallelled durability is guaranteed by the their distinctive and strict design standards of GALA
QualityManufactured in GALA's own factory under thorogh control with ISO9000 quality management system.

Twin-Sphere Joint with Floating Flanges
Fit for suction and delivery (discharge)
Additional Features and Benefits
Additional gaskets and/or packing are not required.
Simplified installation in all piping systems using easy alignment flanges.
Ability to absorb considerable elongation and compressiong of pipes caused by temperature changes prevents piping system breaks and equipment down time.
Absorbs the force created by pulsating water and reduces the effect of water hammer.
Typical Appliacations
Cold and warm water pressure piping systems in commercial and industrial buildings and plants.
Pump and turbine piping used for power generation plants, industrial machinery and pump blowers.
Feed-water and drainage piping for water, wastewater, and sanitary system.

Union Type Flexible Hose
GENERAL INFORMATION Application Absorption of the piping strain in the line of water, steam, oil, chemicals, etc., absorption of vibration and ground sinking. Max. Working Temperature 220°C Max. Working Pressure 16 and 25 kgf/cm2

General Pressure Gauge
GENERAL INFORMATION GALA G series pressure gauge is designed and used for pressure measurement for various industries. This durable gauge is ideal for services on water, air, oil and other pressure media not corrosive to brass. Product Code Range Fig no. -1 ~ 4bar G4 0 ~ 7bar G7 0 ~ 10bar G10 0 ~ 16bar G16 0 ~ 20bar G20

V-line Thermometer
GENERAL INFORMATION GALA VT series thermometer is widely used in HVAC and other industrial applications. If offers ruggedness and durability in harsh industrial enviornments. Thermometers available in straight type or 90°C angle type. Product Code Range Staight Type 90° Angle Type 2 1/2"(65cm) 4"(100cm) 6"(150cm) 2 1/2"(65cm) 4"(100cm) 6"(150cm) 0~120°C/30~250°F VTS2.5/01 VTS4/01 VTS6/01 VTA2.5/01 VTA4/01 VTA6/01 -30~50°C/-20~120°F VTS2.5/02 VTS4/02 VTS6/02 VTA2.5/02 VTA4/02 VTA6/02 -40~40°C/-40~110°F VTS2.5/03 VTS4/03 VTS6/03 VTA2.5/03 VTA4/03 VTA6/03