Control Panels


Product Design
Our systems are designed with utility and durability in mind.
Control panels are built with features to assist operators in monitoring and troubleshooting system process, and are built to different norms and standards and we can select UL listed if required components and materials that have proved to be reliable in different and various installations.

Testing and Approval
Eutc panels are manufactured and thoroughly checked for routine tests, “no-load” tests, high-voltage tests and measurement of insulation resistance. All type tests can be conducted on special request.
A warranty and test certificate is given with each product.

• Pumping Stations.
• Generating Sets: controls-starters.
• Industrial Plants.
• Building Management Services.
• Motor Stations.
• Pump Controllers.
• S.C.A.D.A & PLC Control Systems.
• Remote Management Control and Monitoring.