Use of on-condition maintenance shall enable early detection of failures before they happen. This enables the correct preventive maintenance regime to be initiated, and ensures high operational availability. On-condition monitoring can be managed by Adpower for you. Our OEM-trained engineers have knowledge of potential failure modes and can predict problems before they occur. If, during an inspection, our specialists find evidence that any equipment is approaching the end of its life, then it will be possible to prevent the failure from happening and replace the equipment. In this way CBM will be implemented to improve maintenance agility and responsiveness, increase operational availability, and reduce life cycle total ownership costs.


It had been and still remains our aim to build special relationships with our customers ensuring that we produce the plant they want. Our Service Department has worked hard though the years to provide service as well as emergency visits to its client s to minimize their downtime. We were always committed, and we remain committed to a policy of continuous improvement in our products, material and services. This commitment is achieved through a management commitment to quality at every level within the company and through building and maintaining a team of engineers and technicians with total focus.


Injaz United for Machinery and Equipment has strived to establish and maintain a stringent QC and Inspection Program to assure that all of its products meet or exceed stated specifications. We are a dynamic leader in the specialized cable field control in both technical and quality inspections. The quality assurance and standard operation process is made to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and other major client's requirements. Injaz United for Machinery and Equipment has a continuing objective to improve on its quality procedures procedures, develop and establish new standard quality process to satisfy client's requirements.



After Sale Service

1. EUTC products are distinguished by the actual certificate of guarantee for its products against workmanship defects.
2. Maintenance and after sales services of pumps, electric motors, diesel engines, valves and other rotating machinery using high technological machines and calibration equipment to secure the delivery of quality and value products on time, and up to the customer’s expectations. Periodic maintenance and repair of the products is also provided, during and after warranty period, as well as yearly maintenance contracts.

Spare Parts

As supplier of industrial, mechanical and agricultural machinery, water and sewage pumps, booster and fire sets, water filters and meters; EUTC is dedicated to providing high quality consultancy services in the infrastructure industry, in order to improve the standard of living while staying environmentally friendly. Currently, the company is one of the GULF leaders in supplying water and wastewater installations, along with power generating systems and related equipment to various clients and businesses; from municipalities and contractors to agricultural fields, hotels and industrial plants. We are authorized agents and we use genuine spare parts.