Valves Dynamic Regulating Valves

Producing sustainable solutions and developing integrated systems is our specialty. We are the lifeline for buildings with our pumps that are used for hot and cold circulation and ventilation systems. We have a selection of products that meet the demands of changing conditions and regulations. We provide maximum energy efficiency while considering nature and economy.

Electric Dynamic Regulating Valve
GENERAL INFORMATION Feature: Electric Dynamic Regulating Valve is used to solve the hydraulic maladjustment problem in heating and air conditioning system. It combines two functions - dynamic balancing and electric regulating in one valve. Balance of system resistance is achieved by dynamic balancing function, so that the water flow rate will be free from the influence from system pressure fluctuation and keep an approximate constant. Valve opening can be adjusted by input signal of equipment to implement the function of electric regulating. Pressure Temperature Ratings: Working Pressure PN16/PN25 Working Temperature -10°C to +120°C Suitable Media Chilled Water, Cooling Water, Anti-freeze Water, Glycol Control Feature Equal percentage control feature Operating Voltage 24VAC Control Signal 0-10VDC/4-20Ma Body Material DN15-DN32 Brass DN40-DN250 Dutile Iron

Manual Dynamic Regulating Valve
GENERAL INFORMATION Features: Dynamic pressure difference balancing valve is a kind of automatic constant difference pressure control valve. It is used for constant differential pressure of supplier water for control valve about air condition and heating system, terminal equipment or supplier water pipe network. It avoids pressure changed on the dynamic interference, to achieve dynamic water balance. Pressure Temperature Ratings: Normal diameter DN15-DN250 Working Pressure PN16 / PN25 Pressure Difference Scope 50-300 mbar (DN15 - DN50) 300 - 1000 mbar (DN40 - DN50) 400 - 1600 mbar (DN65 - DN250) Working Pressure Difference Δ PV ≤ 2500 mbar (DN15- DN50) PV ≤ 3500 mbar (DN40- DN250) Working Temperature -10°C ~ 120°C Flange Standard ASME B16.1 CLASS 125 & CLASS 150 EN1092-2 PN10 / PN16 / PN25; BS 10 TABLE D & TABLE E JIS B2239 10K / 16K